Scanning from a bizhub to Word

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.28.38 PMTo create a searchable DOCX or XLSX file, the optional Upgrade Kit UK-204 and i-Option LK-110 are required.

Here are the steps to create a word document from a scanned document:

1.  Turn Character Recognition Setting to “On”.

2.  Set it to the desired language.

3.  Check the “Auto Rotation” box. (Select this check box to automatically perform the rotation adjustment for each page based on the direction of text data detected by OCR processing. When the rotation adjustment is disabled, if the specified original orientation does not match the text direction, text data is not recognized correctly.)

4.  Choose DOCX under File type after you exit the screen in step #3 above.

5.  You may also choose XLSX to scan in the Excel format as well.

6.  Procede to scan the document just as you would any other document by choosing the desired destination and the scanning it.

7.  Your scanned document will show up as an editable word file at your scan destination.





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