Remote Workforce Solutions – 3 Reasons to Switch

Are you considering permanent remote work for your company?  Here a few reasons this might be worth pursuing.

Because of  the Covid-19 pandemic many companies have been more or less forced to set up a remote workforce.  We believe that while some companies will go back to their model of working in the office 8-5, there are a good majority that will keep their employees at home after the pandemic is over.  A national U.S. survey found that 73 percent of remote workforce workers report higher satisfaction with their jobs.  With the number of technology solutions that exist (many of which we offer) this is something for business owners to seriously take a look at.  Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider this for your company.

#1: Increased Employee Productivity

There has been a ton of research that indicates a major increase in staff production by using a remote workforce.  Some companies have technology in place to manage task based production targets.  Simply meaning, once employees complete their tasks they are more or less done for the day.  As long as they continue to hit these goals, and you have an effective system in place to track their statistics and productivity, then worrying about how many hours they work may not be as much of a concern.  Staff generally spend time “in the office” not doing work but just chatting about the latest scandals, news, etc.

  • 45% of home workers report they are able to work smarter (get more done in less time)
  • 44% say they are less distracted and accomplish more than in the office
  • 90% of managers report employees are more productive when given the flexibility to choose when and how they work

#2: Greater Employee Retention

Today many employers are using the remote workforce model as a key benefit to being employed with their company. When given the opportunity to chose between a company that doesn’t offer remote work and one that does, 82% of employees say they would be more loyal to employers that offer this perk than those that do not.  In addition, studies also show that, depending on your type of business, you open up a much larger geographic zone to hire from as drive time and distance do not limit your potential talent pool.

#3: Increase yours and your employees bottom line

Allowing your employees to engage in remote work can save you and them a great deal of money.  Global Workplace Analytics reports that if 50 percent of the U.S. workforce worked from home half of the time, the savings would be over $700 billion a year.  Not to mention the environmental impact of removing a large majority of cars off the roads.  In addition, there are many companies offering inventory fulfillment services so that companies can lower overhead on warehousing costs, etc.  Fulfillment companies can ship order for you by directly interfacing with your company software.   With an ever evolving digital landscape around Unified Communications As a Services (UCAAS) and Contact Center As a Service (CCAAS), companies can massively cut overhead for in house technology and push it to the cloud, further enabling the work from home business model.

And most of all, let’s not forget real estate costs.  The savings here is immense.

How can we help?

BOSS over the last 2 years has fully evolved its offerings to not only include the latest in copier and printing technology, but in becoming an office technology provider in the truest sense.  We have decided to make a strong stand in pushing customers who work with us to the cloud.  There are very few reasons why small businesses of 100 employees or less still need to manage on-site technology such as servers, phone systems, etc.

We have created turn-key packages of solutions which focus on a few key areas:

  1. Connectivity:

    The common attitude is, “we just buy our internet and find the fastest and cheapest solution out there.”  This is a bad approach, especially when more and more of business applications are accessed via the cloud.  The correct approach is not a “one size fits all” approach.  BOSS has access to nearly every one of the largest internet service providers (ISPs) in the industry and can broker these solutions, or combination of solutions, to get you the exact service and redundancy that your company needs.  In addition, we can offer up some of the industries best in internet connectivity optimization.  (aka SD-WAN)

  2. Communication:

    The quality of your business communications is of utmost importance to our cloud consultants.  With the office world quickly evolving to mobile based communications and not being tied to the desk, this brings both opportunity and complexity to deciding on which solutions are best for you. Our cloud-trained consultants come to the table with a suitcase of solutions that they will tailor-pick to best match your company’s needs.  How can people reach you anywhere?  Get rid of the cost of in-house premise based phones systems?  Add integrated chat, conference and file sharing for internal communications and get away from high risk email?  All of these are possible with our solutions and more.

  3. Security:

    Once your business has moved all or most of its applications and company functionality to the cloud it is critical that it is properly secured.  Our experts can consult your business about the exact solutions you need to secure your organization.  Between BOSS staff and our partner relationships we can help any company with security as well as policy and compliance services.  In addition, we offer a Security Operations Center  (SOC) solution to deal with issues that come up on your network.  It’s one thing to have the hardware in place to detect security threats, but who handles detected issues?  The SOC takes care of this aspect.

Interested in hearing more?  Set up a free remote meeting consultation today!