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BOSS Business Systems, Inc. now offers world class Computer IT Services to the greater Stockton area.  BOSS, along with their strategic partner All Covered, one of the leading managed IT services companies for small to medium sized businesses in the US, offer a simple and powerful solution to your organization.

Many companies we run into when networking copiers and printers have “their guy” that they call when they need assistance with their network.  Even in a very small company of 5 or more staff this can cause downtime, frustration and loss of profits due to staff not being able to get their job done.  Instead, we apply a proactive approach to IT which is an ongoing service to monitor and support your computer and server environment.  We automatically protect against attacks, security leaks, out of date software, etc.  Best of all our customer service center based in Arizona has a 24 x7 fully staffed call center to take care of you whenever you need help.  They can easily and securely access your system and help you through most of your day to day issues all for a flat monthly fee per computer.  Over 80% of calls are resolved by them over the phone and if there needs to be a person dispatched to your location then this will be done.  It can be surprising what the true cost of your companies network is to maintain.   Click here for a free calculator.

Stop messing around with “the guy” and contact BOSS today for a detailed quote on taking the headache out of managing your office computers and allow you to focus on the job that you are in business to do.  For more information about this service please click here.  To contact us to set-up a free network assessment and consultation click here.

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