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While you may have your current copier or MFPs (Multi Function Printer) on a maintenance contract, many companies have no plan in place for their laser printer fleet.  Or even worse, their ink jets!

For many years the industry (and in many cases BOSS) has pushed its customers to consolidate all of their ink jet and laser printers into a larger central multi function device such as a Konica Minolta bizhub or Samsung MFP.  This in concept would drive higher cost prints away from ink jets and laser printers to these much higher speed and more economical devices.  This has worked for many of our customers and they have realized a large savings.  However, in most cases, they do not get rid of their laser printers.

It is just a fact of life that employees like to have those prints come out right at their desk. In the hundreds of installs that BOSS has performed some individuals can get very emotional about us taking away their desktop printer.  In many cases there is a legitimate reason for this.  They print checks, HR data, or some other confidential data that they do not want the rest of the staff to see.

To solve this problem BOSS has deployed a new technology solution called PrintFleet.  PrintFleet is a free software solutions that we offer to our customers that allows us to analyze their print environment and propose a complete managed print services agreement to take the headache of laser printers off of IT or purchasing. It is a simple maintenance contract just like you are used to with your current copier or MFP.

Many of our customers save up to 30% per month on their total toner costs alone.  No more trips to the local office supply store and no more staff complaining that they have just run out of toner without warning.  PrintFleet handles it all.

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