ICS/SCADA Connected Systems – Cybersecurity event

The iHub San Joaquin and The San Joaquin Partnership hosted the ICS/SCADA Connected Systems – Cybersecurity event on Friday the 28th of February 2020. BOSS along with Inductive Automation and Direct Defense partnered with the aforementioned to help make this event come together.

With over 100 attendees the event was a great success. Travis Cox (Inductive Automation) spoke about the importance of securing SCADA systems and best practices in doing so. Chris Walcutt (Direct Defense) spoke as well and told first hand stories of cybersecurity breaches in many major industries critical to our countries infrastructure. He jokingly announced the acronym “VTD” (Vendor Transmitted Disease) and explained the importance of having a in-depth plan when securing your businesses infrastructure. One bad vendor can be a leak into hacking your business and causing damage.

The conference ended with a panel discussion moderated by Don Pearson – VP Sales and Marketing, Inductive Automation with panelists:
Vitaliy Panych – State Chief Information Security Officer (Acting) California Department of Technology Office of Information Security
Marc Glenn – Sr. Cybersecurity Intelligence Analyst, CA Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
Christopher Walcutt – VP of Connected Systems, Direct Defense
Travis Cox – Co-Director of Sales Engineering, Inductive Automation

BOSS Business Systems, Inc produced all marketing materials and website for this non-profit event with the intention to bring technology to Stockton, CA.