How to scan to a Mac from a bizhub

On a recent installation we had to set up the a new Konica Minolta bizhub 364e to scan to a number of Macs running the Mavericks OS.  After some research on the web we found a solutions to this which currently is the only way to set this up.   Here are the instructions below:

1.  You must use Scan to FTP and NOT scan to SMB.  Even though the Mac has “Scan to SMB” under the Sharing option this does not work with the bizhub.

2.  On each Mac that you want to scan to you must enable the FTP service.  This is done by launching Terminal and entering a single command to launch the FTP service that comes standard on all Maverick installs.  The command to enter into Terminal is: sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist (only the portion in red)

3.  Enter the password of the user on the computer.

4.  Close Terminal.  The FTP service should now be running.

5.  Create a folder that you want to scan too and note down its exact path by right clicking on the folder and selecting “Get Info”.  The path will be presented here.

6.  Using a web browser remote into the bizhub by typing its IP address in the browser address bar.

7.  Select the “Store Address” —> “New Registration” —> “FTP”

8.  Enter the IP Address of the Mac in the “Host Address” Field.  No slashes just the address.

9.  Enter the path to the file exactly as your found it in #5 above.  It must have the slashes.

10.  Enter the User ID of the Mac.  If it show Bob Jones it would then be entered as “bobjones”

11.  Enter the password to the Mac in the password field and the save this.

This should work and has been tested a few times by BOSS.  One important note is to ensure that the Mac is set to a Static IP Address so that when the user shuts it down they do not change the IP and thus break the scanning path from the bizhub.

These instructions were created using the latest Konica Minolta bizhub product line with info-palette.

Revision to the above

The current version of Mac OS does not come with FTP service pre-installed.  Though we have not tested this yet, it is supposed that you could download an FTP service for the new Mac OS and do the same thing.  One version that could be downloaded is: ProFTPD