ESP Power Filters – Now Included


BOSS has recently partnered up with ESP, the highest quality Power filter manufacturer.  These filters are great addition that are now being sold with all Konica Minolta, Samsung and Muratec Laser printers and Copiers.  Recently ESP came to BOSS to do a live demonstration of their power filters which was quite impressive to see.  To make a long story short, anything you are buying from common retailers such as power strips, etc.  are not working or protecting your equipment.  ESP simulated both dirty power and a lightning strikes using a normal “surge protector” that you would buy at a local retailer.  These did nothing to protect the equipment and failed every time.  However, when using the new ESP SurgeX power filter no harm was caused to the devices.

esp_bossThe result of BOSS using these for your copiers and printers is less downtime because of blown circuit boards and also to ensure your electricity is properly installed in the 1st place.  BOSS is able to connect a laptop to your new surge protector from ESP and see diagnostics in order to determine if your equipment failures are from the electricity in your office or are truly a problem with the printer or copier.

Below is a video to demonstrate how these filter high frequency noise from your power line:

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