Temperature Cameras – Covid 19

Protect. Prevent. Analyze.

MOBOTIX Thermal Solutions, Making the Invisible Visible.

Thermal imaging has evolved beyond simply seeing in the dark. Thermal imaging technology can now also be applied as a first line of defense for screening individuals for an elevated temperature as they enter your facility.

MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras analyze moving individuals and objects and screen for temperatures which vary from a configured temperature range. When anomalies are detected, the system can alert you to individuals who may require further screening.

MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras have specialized lens options enabling thermal radiation measurement across an entire field of view.

Installed in a fixed location such as a facility entrypoint, this MOBOTIX thermal technology can be used as part of a proactive warning system by identifying individuals with skin temperature varying from a configurable normal range to within 0.1°C.* Installed in the right location and properly configured, MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras can provide a first line of defense by identifying individuals with an elevated temperature before they pass the entryway field of view. With two directly adjacent lenses, a traditional security lens can provide a high-resolution video feed, or work in concert with the thermal sensor to provide thermal and optical overlay functionality, as seen in this demonstration video.


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