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Stockton Managed IT Services by BOSS Copy reveal the exact “state of the union” on your company’s network

Many company executives rely on their “IT guy” to manage and handle their company’s network. While this may work for some, many are at risk by following the “fix it when it breaks” type of support model in managing their IT infrastructure. As cyber security attacks on companies like Equifax have revealed, even the largest and most secure companies in the world are vulnerable to the theft of private information. But what about network security assessments?

While no system can stop 100% of potential threats, there are many precautions your company can take to proof itself against attacks. In addition to this, there are hundreds upon thousands of red flags that can go missed on your network — which can cause slow downs and bottlenecks in getting your job done.

Our Network Assessment uses a non-intrusive, state-of-the-art tool to do a full scan of your network and provide a detailed and confidential report of the issues that exist. Whether the problem is out-of-date software, old passwords that need to be removed or changed, expired anti-virus software (or none at all), or a multitude of other problems, we find it all and let you know what needs to be done to handle the issues.

Once the analysis is completed, we offer our Managed IT services and provide enterprise level IT support for your entire company. As a managed services provider Stockton businessess can count on, we offer 24/7/365 Help Desk for all users, server support through our NOC (Network Operations Center), or a mix of services to fit your exact needs.

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Our basic on-site assessment is $120.00, and for that, we provide a detailed Network Assessment report that doesn’t take an “IT Guy” to understand. If we don’t find anything wrong, we’ll refund you 100% of the fee.