How to get proper meter counts from Adobe Indesign

Customers often ask: “How do I get my machine to meter my color and black prints properly when I make booklets or multi-page documents?”

Here is a simple explanation from our research into this sometimes frustrating topic.

The simple explanation is that the issue usually lies with the software that is sending to the copier.  The copier, if receiving the correct information in the print stream, can meter each separate page as color or black and white and in turn count your meter clicks correctly.  However, that can be challenging to many users when there is not complete control in how each page is created.  Here are some steps to ensure that your files meter properly and to have black pages count as black pages when metered. (this applies to and Adobe workflow)

1.  Create all JPEGs or TIFFs in Photoshop to ensure that they are saved in grey scale and not CMYK Black.   This is the #1 cause of error.

2.  Ensure that all type being used is actually black and not CMYK Black.  You can see this by looking at you color palette in Indesign.  example_1Notice that next to the Black Color is the CMYK symbol.  Next to the Registration color is no CMYK.  This means that the copier will interpret the “Black” color as CMYK Black.

3.  The other sneaky problem in Indesign is using any of the Type Effects.  If you open this window to apply them to your text and you select “preview” you will notice how the black and white photos of the document change when you turn the effects on and off.  Indesign converts the page to CMYK Black when using any of these effects.

4.  If you want to create type effects the best option is to make them in Photoshop and then import them as grayscale images into your indesign project.

Following the above tips will help you to properly create pages that correctly meter on your machine.



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