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doc_managementCommon pitfalls to purchasing your copiers or multifunction printers on-line

BOSS Business Systems, Inc. has been selling and servicing Konica Minolta and Samsung copiers for over 24 years in the greater Stockton area.  One of the common statements made by prospective clients is: “I searched the copier you were proposing and found it cheaper on-line”.  In the end 90% of these prospective customers end up purchasing their copier from BOSS for the following reasons:

  1. No Warranty – Most of the copier brands on the market have authorized dealers for different geographic locations.  In the fine print of the warranty it usually states that the customer must buy the equipment from an authorized dealer.  As these machines often costs over 10K this can be a great liability when purchasing on-line.
  2. Installation & Training – When customers purchase their copiers from BOSS the price always includes delivery, installation & training.  This crucial point is sometimes overlooked by the on-line shopper and has a real added value to purchasing from an authorized dealer.
  3. Service & Support – Finding service and support for a copier that is purchased on-line can be extremely hard and costly.  As BOSS has no idea the state of the equipment that has been purchased on-line we charge for an inspection of the equipment and any repairs in order to place it on a service contract.  This can cost thousands of dollars especially if the equipment being purchased on-line is used.  In addition, the service cost per page is generally much higher as there is no warranty of any of the parts from an on-line purchase.
  4. What you see is not always what you get – Many times the initial teaser price that you see from most of the on-line wholesalers is not what it will actually cost by the time the machine arrives on your doorstep.  Most copiers have many internal and external accessories that our skilled sales people will add in order to fit their customers exact needs.  Many times customers find out that the on-line price that seems to be cheaper is just for the main printer and not things such as finishers, fax kits, document feeders, etc.  When they get the machine that they are looking at on-line configured including all of the above points it is generally more expensive.

This information has been provided as we feel it is important to understand the pitfalls of buying your copier on-line.  There is actually real value in doing business with a locally owned and operated business, and by doing so, you will avoid any of the above from happening to you and your company.

For more information or to get a free price quote please click here and someone will contact you.  Or you can contact us by calling (209) 952-2677.


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