BOSS Now and Authorized Reseller for MOBOTIX Cameras

Mobotix is not what we consider a classic manufacturer of cameras. In terms of IoT, their video systems are computers with lenses, working intelligently and with embedded storage capacities. MOBOTIX is distinctly characterized as a pioneering global company that is developing solutions based on the German way of engineering and approaching things as this is appreciated as being particularly innovative and of high quality. MOBOTIX stands apart with their uncompromisingly reliable, intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and which ensure long-term investment security.

This is why BOSS Business Systems is proud to announce that we are an authorized reseller of MOBOTIX camera systems.  Our technicians have just completed extensive training on building and supporting these cameras.  We chose Mobotix as they have a strong relationship with our equipment manufacturer, Konica Minolta and we see many possibilities for innovation with our customers.

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